KAWASAKI Ninja 650 / ER-6f/n 2012-16 (non-ABS)

SATO RACING Ninja 650 / ER-6n '12-'16 Rear Sets in BLACK

SATO RACING Rear Sets for 2012-16* Ninja 650 and ER-6n with standard brakes features a track-engineered design, with parts precision CNC-machined out of high strength billet aluminum and anodized in your choice of Black, or Silver or Gold finish with Black-anodized base plates. Modular adjustable design lets you choose from 6 foot peg positions with a range of adjustment that brings your feet progressively higher up and further back compared to stock, for a sportier riding position well-suited to the fast straights and steep lean angles encountered on the track.

An optional
Tandem Bracket Set is also available, allowing you to retain the stock passenger pegs.

* Also fits the non-US 2014-17 Ninja 400. Not recommended for 2013-16 ABS-equipped Ninja 650/ ER-6n.


1 0mm 10mm Up
2 15mm Back 10mm Up
3 7.5mm Back 20mm Up
4 22.5mm Back 20mm Up
5 15mm Back 30mm Up
6 30mm Back 30mm Up

note: all measurements are in relation to stock position (0 mm).

SATO RACING Ninja 650 / ER-6n '12-'16 Rear Sets [R]-side
The shift and brake pedals use double miniature stainless bearings for smooth, precise lever actuation.
Provides 6 adjustable positions: The Step Plate mounts at 3 diagonally adjustable positions on the
Base Plate, and the Foot Peg mounting position can be adjusted horizontally on the Step Plate.

SATO RACING Ninja 650 / ER-6n '12-'16 Rear Sets [R]-side
Foot Pegs are finely knurled for excellent grip characteristics and a comfortable, intuitive feel.

The standard Pedal Tips are made of tough Delrin plastic. Additional Pedal Tip styles, such as
folding-style aluminum Pedal Tips with rubber sleeves, are an available option:  More Details

(A brake light switch, shown attached to the master cylinder, is included with the Rear Sets kit)

SATO RACING Ninja 650 / ER-6n '12- Rear Sets with optional Tandem Bracket [R]-side
Rear Sets shown with optional Tandem Brackets installed, for use the stock passenger pegs.
The clean, angular design of our Rear Sets blends seamlessly with the styling of the Ninja 650.

SATO RACING Ninja 650 / ER-6n '12-'16 Rear Sets with Tandem Brackets [L]-side
Rear Sets shown with optional Tandem Brackets. The Tandem Brackets,
like the Rear Sets, are available in your choice of Black, Silver or Gold.

SATO RACING Kawasaki Ninja 650 / ER-6n '12-'16 Rear Sets [L]-side
Multiple adjustment holes at the base of the shift pedal let you fine-tune the shift stroke.

Rear Sets

GOLD* K-65012RS-GD

Tandem Bracket set
Use with stock passenger pegs

GOLD* K-65012TB-GD

* Click Here for important info about Sato GOLD-anodized parts.

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To find out individual part names & numbers, see the illustrated parts list
included with your Sato Racing Rear Sets, or view the PDF:
Parts List

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