SATO RACING Handle Bars for 2019-21 Suzuki Katana feature high strength anodized billet aluminum mounting brackets and risers, with individually replaceable clip-on style bars positioned to bring your hands forward and resting at a better angle compared to the stock bars, for a less upright, more forward-leaning riding position better suited for spirited riding.

SATO RACING Suzuki Katana Handle Bars

SATO RACING Suzuki Katana Handle Bars
Note: the forward relocation of the bars and controls means the
cables might partially block the view of the instrument cluster.

SATO RACING Suzuki Katana Handle Bars

Handle Bars are shown in the above photos installed with our compact style (22mm) anodized aluminum Handle Bar Ends and Type1 Lever Guard (part# LG22-H) which includes an integrated spacer collar to add some extra clearance for the lever.

(Handle bar ends are not included with the bars)

Suzuki Katana with SATO RACING Frame Sliders, Axle Sliders and other parts

SATO RACING Suzuki Katana Handle Bars


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